My name is Scott, and I started Old Stone Furniture in 2006 shortly after moving back to New England with my wife and daughter. The focus in the beginning was on primitive smalls.  I’ve since become the father of two more daughters and expanded into building larger pieces of primitive furniture and making baskets.  I also have a small etsy shop where I sell some of the baskets I make, some of the smaller primitives and some oddities.  Primitive furniture, sometimes also called country, is simple, rugged, and often painted.  It was the furniture that was made by rural folks for themselves or their neighbors. It was honest and often unadorned and meant for heavy use.  All of my furniture is made of white pine and poplar, painted with authentic milk paint, and joined with traditional joinery and square cut nails.  To see more of my furniture visit my website, Oldstonefurniture.com.


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  1. Mike Schultz Paintings

    What beautiful pieces, Scott. I love the look of the work in your gallery on your website. You also might be interested in my best friend’s woodwork. He’s an artist and woodworker based near Wichita, Kansas. You can see his website at: http://theschoolofthetransferofenergy.com/

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